Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Exercise 8: conceptual cover design

For this exercise I had to analyse book covers and look at the conceptual use that was made of imagery. The images are simple and punchy and do not directly relate to the contents. By implication they tell the story and are much more subtle. From reading the book descriptions I can tell that they certainly help to explain the books very well.

I have come to the conclusion that choosing or creating images for book covers is a quite different skill set from making images for their own sake. Some of the cover images would be too obvious and overblown as standalone pieces of work. The job of the cover image is to grab the attention of the viewer in a very short space of time and it must be intriguing enough to pull the person in and sell the book - unlike say a gallery or photo-book image that may need a much longer period of time to decode.

I have written my analysis of each image below:

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