Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Exercise: Two images on the same page

As well as playing around with image sizes and placement I considered how the two images would be used in different publications.

Image 1: Chicago hotel room.

I considered that this publication would want to show the room facilities alongside the hotels design choices. Therefore I used two similar sized images. One image shows the style of bed furnished with work by a local artist. The other image is of the bathroom and robes. Yes, I know the room looks lived in. My thinking is that article would be about a weekend away written by the magazine's reporter and the room has been used and abused - not a typical travel publication where everything in the room looks immaculate. Space has been left for the article text, possibly continuing in a small column on an adjoining page.

Image 2: Chicago hotel room 2.

This time I was thinking that the design element of the room was paramount. I have made the bed and artwork image larger and used a small detail shot of the bathroom porthole door. The second image is quite clean and simple in composition and is easily read even at a small size. Space has been left for text in two sections on the page.

Image 3: Flint tower.

This pairing of a flint tower and wall section in Canterbury has similarly sized images even though the proportions are different. The large images almost fill the page leaving a small amount of room for explanatory text. The texture of the wall can be examined in close detail at this scale.

Image 4: Flint tower 2.

This time I have considered that a large amount of space be left for text that might discuss the historical or technological use of flint as a building material. To enable this I have made one of the images much smaller. Because of its graphical composition the smaller image can still be easily read at this size.

Image 5: Whitstable.

In this pairing I liked the juxtaposition between the carefree bunting, often seen at coastal resorts, and the RNLI jackets hung up to dry. Because of the strength of the pairing they needed to be similar in size to convey their message. Space has been left to the right of the page for an article about the dangers of people taking to the sea without much thought and the role of the RNLI.

Image 6: Whitstable 2.

This pair of images has been given equal space and are grouped together in a more formal style. The large size of the images allow for a detailed study and comparison of the subject matter.

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