Monday, 5 August 2013

Assignment 2 - Revisit

Update: 3rd October.

It has taken me a while to publish my tutor feedback for this assignment. I'm happy that my book cover was very well received on the whole. As I mentioned in my assignment notes to Keith I wasn't entirely happy with the image of the door on the back cover. He agreed that maybe it wasn't quite right and suggested something like a close up shot of detail (coffee cup) might work. I was glad of the feedback on this as it enabled me to work with this idea. I used the folded chair in the end. I leaned it against my backdrop to create shadows and thought that the difference in the front and back covers would help to imply that a significant event had occurred at the all-night wake that sets in motion the other events in the book. I much prefer it to the original door shot. There is an implied sense of something happening between sitting on that chair and it being stacked back against the wall. Well, I think so anyway. I had to make the text smaller to accommodate the new shape.

It has taken me so long to shoot the back cover for this work as I have been attending study visits and writing about exhibitions. Also, assignment 3 took up a lot of my time with planning and shooting. Now that is out of the way a big chunk of my study time has been released to tie up odds and ends. I also spent some time experimenting with layouts for a book for my assignment 1 images. That is now on its last draft so I am nearly up to date with all my submitted work.

Update: 10th December.

Just coming back to prepare the new version of this file for upload for online printing for assessment and it strikes me that the balance is wrong on the back cover image. I've reversed the chair and moved the text across to see if this works better. The problem is partly because the front and back covers are visible at the same time and they are not intended to be seen this way. It is hard to ignore two images together in a spread like this.

Here is the third version of the file. I will let it sit a while I think before I make a final decision.

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