Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Well, the results came through recently and I was over the moon with both my mark and feedback for this module. I received 83% for PWDP which is my highest mark for any of the OCA modules so far. Of course, it's all about development with any degree programme but I can't help but feel elated anyway. The assessor feedback was very encouraging, stating that I was highly creative and had a strong sense of voice. My ability to analyse and research was praised and my academic ability was also noted as strong - phew! the academic side (particularly the critical essay) was something I worried about and struggled with for ages.

Anyway, as usual I am already working on my next module. I had originally planned to take the 2nd level Landscape course but changed my mind. I think Gesture and Meaning is more suited to my style of work and interests. The link is here:

a partial moment

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