Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama

The Daido Moriyama book that I bought at the recent Klein/Moriyama exhibition at Tate Modern is another that I have looked at in respect to my first assignment. Moriyama has a similar style to Klein although I would say that it has developed further along more personal, darker lines. I have an affinity with this approach and it is one that I may adopt with my assignments.

My first impressions of the work is that like Klein, it has a dynamic feel to it. The images are very often blurry and faces seen in extreme close up loom out of the darkness. The work has a much greater variety than Kleins I would say. Whereas Klein seemed to be ostensibly concerned with people, Moriyama is just as interested in the essence of our modern lives to be found all around us. This can mean that highways, bottles in the grass, the shadow on concrete steps etc, can be just as important to Moriyama as the people that he photographs.

Photobooks play a big part in the work of Moriyama, and I have ordered a number of them from the library to take a more in depth look.

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