Monday, 4 February 2013

William Klein - ABC

William Klein

I'm reviewing William Klein's book, "ABC," as part of my research into my first assignment for this module. I bought it after visiting the recent Klein/Moriyama exhibition and study day. My first impression of the work is that he doesn't hesitate to get up close and personal. He has a bold approach to street photography that many people would shy away from. Because of this the dynamism and spontaneity shine through - the street images, the graphic design of the posters, his film and fashion work all show this element in some form. Many of images are shown as full bleed and this helps to enhance the effect of life springing out of the page. This is a trademark of Kleins and is used in many of his photo books.

One of my favourite images is the one of the young black guy holding a Coke bottle. All around him the street is in motion and as he passes he gives the camera a big clear smile, participating in the moment between himself and the photographer. The image oozes joy and happiness. I have printed this image for my physical learning log where I talk about my impressions of the exhibition at Tate Modern.

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